——  Butyraldehyde  ——

Product name Butyraldehyde
English name Butyraldehyde
Alias Butal; butaldehyde; butalyde; butanal; Butyric Aldehyde; Butyl Aldehyde; n-butanal; n-butyraldehyde; n-butyl aldehyde; Natural Butyraldehyde
CAS RN 123-72-8
EINECS No. 204-646-6
Molecular formula C4H8O
Molecular weight 72.1057
Physico-chemical properties Properties Colorless, transparent, and inflammable liquid with suffocating aldehyde odor.
Uses As intermediate for resin, plastic plasticizer, vulcanization accelerator, insecticide and so forth; as raw material for organic synthesis and spice.

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